All wing orders are served crispy on the outside, tender on the inside. They come with celery, carrots and either blue cheese or extra sauce. 


10 Wings    $13.00

20 Wings   $22.00

30 Wings   $35.00

40 Wings   $44.00

50 Wings   $51.00



Extra Wing Sauces    $1.25

Wingnutz Mild - Sweet, with a touch of Tang 'cause we live in Buffalo

Wingnutz Medium - Starts out Sweet but finishes with a Dissipating Heat

Wingnutz Hot - bursting with flavor but it does have Heat (It takes the shine off silverware! Good thing you eat with your fingers; you can't let them eat alone, that's just rude!)

Honey Garlic - Try it with someon who already loves you (mouthwash not included!) Note: Premium sauce, upcharge on order


Award Winning Gourmet Jumbo Wings and

Old Fashioned Tavern-Style Roast Beef


Traditional Buffalo Sauces   

Mild, Medium, Hot, Cajun, BBQ - sort of like everyone else makes, but Wingy Style


Extra Blue Cheese        $ .75


Tender, mouth-watering beef (NOT AVAILABLE ON SUNDAY) warmed in gravy and served on your choice of plain or weck roll (salt and caraway seeds). All orders are served with horseradish and a pickle.


Large Roast Beef Sandwich    $10.00

Sandwich and Fries               $13.00

"Half and Half"                     $12.00

Small roast beef sandwich with 5 wings.       

Small Roast Beef Sandwich     $7.50            


Sides and Drinks

House Made Gravy        $1.25

Seasoned Fries            $4.00

...with Gravy                $5.25

(like a hug for your fries!)



16 oz. Drink      $2.00

Pitcher           $6.00


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